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About Us


Our Zenith, Wellbeing Consultants are Professional Life Coaches and Counsellors with years of experiences; our aim is to service you in the modality of your choice.


Our practitioners are also certified in Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming to better facilitate and meet your current life challenges.


Our areas of Interest and Expertise are:

*Personal Counselling

*Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


Life Coaching:

*Personal Coaching

*Business Coaching  

*Sports Coaching


The Zenith team aims to assist you in maximising your personal & professional goals in your life.

Our modern lifestyle demands are a lot these days and finding balance in your work, family, health and relationship can become a challenge.


Our Zenith Wellbeing consultants will work with you, in order for you to find your own path and achieve the Goals that you set for yourself.


Zenith Life Coaching & Counselling Service provides you with the flexibility of undertaking your session face to face, via phone or skype.


So Email Claude for a FREE 20 Min consultation.


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