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What is counselling?


Counselling is the practice of identifying your personal, relationship or family challenges with the assistance of a highly trained professional called a counsellor.


How Does Counselling Work?


The most common way of recruiting a Counsellor is either you have spoken with your local doctor, family member or friend about a challenge in your life and it was recommended to talk to a counsellor.


The counselling session with Zenith is based firstly on a 20 min free consultation, and then at your decision, we move on to a second session where forms are completed and your current challenges are talked about in an open and non-judgmental way.


Follow up session allows you and the Zenith counsellor to further explore your current life challenges and formulate a clear vision that benefits you.The aim of counselling is to empower you to make a positive change.


The Zenith experienced counsellor can support you to:



• Recognize yourself and how you connect to others

• Comprehend your relationships as they are now and how they change

• Find out what you want from a relationship in the future

• Pinpoint and explore your feelings in a safe place

• Manage with challenging life circumstances

• Build positive family lifestyle.

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