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Hi and Welcome to the Zenith- Life Coaching “Mini Course”


On life changing activities that are designed to empower and motivate you! The ‘Mini Course” is made up of 7  lessons that are aimed for you to look at different areas of your life and take action for a successful outcome!


We all have different definition of what “success” means ,for some it could be a healthy life style, for other to have lots of money in the bank, have an expensive car or have a great loving relationship.


What is important -is how we go about achieving our success; we can do this via “Life Goals”.

This Mini Course is about setting “Goals” and the key areas that are important in setting up successful goals. Without goals you will not have focus and direction.


Think of this scenario: You are in a boat (your Life) with no motor or rudder (Focus and Direction) where will you end up?


 Goal setting allows you to take control of your life's direction. Saying “I want set Goals is one thing” but making  it happens is something else, it takes “energy” and “dedication”, as well as a step by step process, think of it as a Map, that you plot from point A to point B.


 Click on the link and download the PDF.


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