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Testimonial of Service


Hi My name is Ray, I would like to thank Dr.Claude from Zenith, I was in a bad place but the staff ay Zenith provided me with a new vision, Now I am back to work. Wollongong, NSW



I just completed my HSC and was not sure what I wanted to do, I had some Life Coaching with Zenith, and Now I am enrolled in a Diploma of Commence and working part-time, thank you to the team of Zenith, Alicia Manly, NSW



I was in a relationship for seven years and my partner left me, I felt alone and fearful, the counsellors of Zenith provided me professional care and now after several months, I can begin to enjoy my life again. Mercedes Berkeley, NSW



I was employed by a leading Sydney company, over the past few years we were told that the company was packing up and we would lose our jobs, after 20 years in the same place, what was I going to do? Thanks to Zenith and the Life Coaching session, I now have moved on to my new job and Yes I am my own Boss, Shane Lidcombe NSW

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