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Why Counselling?


People from different walks of life will seek some form of counselling to deal with their current life challenges, predominately family and friends are the first place one seeks to talk.


The best of intention and an open heart is great from the family or friend, but without the proper skill sets and training that a qualified counsellor has the person seeking relief from their current situation might find themselves spiraling further into their challenge.


A counsellor is impartial, nonjudgmental and supportive in dealing with such life challenges as:

*Managing your emotions in times when your life seems like a roll coaster, such as grief, loss, sadness, anger, and blame.

*Not able to move past relationships

*Family challenges and conflicts such as children, partners, family

*Professional challenges and conflicts such as Work redundancy or unemployment

*Identify key areas in your life that seem stuck  

*Having an impartial, non-judgmental person to talk to about your current life challenges



What Won’t a Zenith Counsellors do?

 • Provide advice

• Be judgemental

• Become involved emotionally

• Mental illness are not diagnosed by our counsellors (only doctors can do that)

• We do not prescribe medication (only doctors can do that)

• Take sides or referee a disagreement.




What Kind of Counselling do You deliver?


We provide:

  • Counselling:-

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • Workplace Counselling

  • Individual counselling

  • Post-Traumatic Stress




Is Counselling Confidential?


Throughout the counselling process, the information is kept confidential and secure, unless expressed permission is granted by the client to pass information to other parties such a family doctor.

However, it must be noted that confidentiality is limited where a legal matter has risen and a court order requires information.


Are Zenith Counsellors Qualified?


Yes, our staffs are qualified as Counsellors at the Doctoral level as well as further education from the Institute of Counselling with their Certificate in Counselling (the University of the West of Scotland Accredited), and certification in Life Coaching, Hypnosis, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainers.


Dr. Claude Martinez.

Doctor of Quantum Counselling


Dip Appl Sci (Nrg) (UOW), Dip in CBT (IoC-UniWS.UK) Dip Psychotherapy & Counselling, Dip Mgt, Cert IV TAE, Cert Counselling (IoC- UniWS.UK), Dip Ed Psych, Dip Psych, Master Life Coach





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